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Only Love


When times get tough, blame runs rampant. It’s easier for people to simply blame somebody else then it is to acknowledge the problem in its entirety, simply because the problem in its entirety is too overwhelming for our souls to absorb. One person isn’t our problem. One political party is not our problem. The hatred that lies in each of us is the problem. It’s the same hatred that pulled the trigger (in all shootings) as it is in the people blaming a completely different person for the act. And hatred is our undoing. 

I pray and I meditate on the goodness that still exists and FOR the goodness to prevail. I pray and I give – money, goods, blood, love. And it hurts my heart when people tell me that that’s not enough. That I apparently need to be going out and hating somebody in order “to be doing something about it”. How does that make sense?!

Evil has existed since long before we were here and unfortunately it will continue to do so long after we’re gone. But hatred only brings out the worst in people. When situations are already so difficult, what good could that do? So I choose love. I will always choose love.

And just for the record, I am a gun owner. I have a conceal carry license (though I rarely do), but I also do support more responsible rules for gun ownership. So do more than 75% of Republicans actually (for those who are just wanting to blame them). I know and love people with very short fuses and mental illness and understand that mental breakdowns are possible in everyone of us. I already have so many fears about the possibilities. The last thing I want to consider is a weapon in the hands of somebody going through that. The trouble is that not all mental illness is detectable. That is why getting something uniform and concrete established is impossible. Because no situation is uniform. No person is the same. Just like this latest shooter. No signs at all. He just broke. He broke and his bad decision lead to the unnecessary deaths and injuries of so many in the blink of an eye.

But what is uniform is that these mental breaks are fueled by hate. By loss. By wicked, competitive, power-hungry, money-hungry and shallow, unimportant desires that drive so many…and all trace back to HATE. Because they lack a true sense of love and the spiritual depth and self-confidence to handle misfortune, rejection, loss, the success of others, hatred against their hate, or just life. (I mean, can you imagine, being enraged with hate because someone hates your hatred of something else)?! What are we becoming here??

So when hate is all around, we need to love more. It is not “inaction” to refuse to spread hate. It is the strongest of wills to choose love in times where hate is the easier option.


So don’t you dare ridicule me when I say I am sending heartfelt thoughts and prayers. When I am harnessing all the power of positivity I can muster in such a dark time. Because it would be way easier to spread hate right now, but then the evil will have won. It’s ok to feel deeply. Just don’t let it make you hate. Be passionate and spread love instead.

Prayers for all the Las Vegas victims and their families. Prayers for Tom Petty’s family and loved ones. Prayers for all the horrible things going on right now. And prayers that we finally start to realize that this hatred is going to consume us all if we don’t stop and let love rule us instead.


Faith in the Footwork


Sometimes the smallest step can initiate the biggest change in your life. And it’s that first step into the unknown that is often the scariest. It is there that there are no certainties or guarantees and where you can discover that you’ve made the best or perhaps the worst decision of your life. The only light in that darkness is faith – in God and in one another. Faith that calms you knowing either way you will be ok. Like Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”. Risk is not rewarded if you do not take a risk. In the end it doesn’t really matter what happens anyway. All that matters is that you tried. And win or lose, triumph or fail, if we’ve got each other then we already have it all. Have faith in the footwork.


Love Never Fails [The Write Side of Life]

Love Never Fails [The Write Side of Life]

Judge Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


Judge Tracie Hunter obviously has a few screws loose if she thinks she is anything like Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr.

Judge Tracie Hunter obviously has a few screws loose if she thinks she is anything like Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr.

In local news, one of our juvenile court judges has lost her damn mind. Seriously, everything about this woman and this whole story just pisses me off but I have just tried to ignore it so I don’t go off on a rant about it. The other day she actually said this was only an issue because the city “wasn’t ready for a black judge”.  But then seeing this on Martin Luther King Jr. Day it was just more than I could take.

Let’s get a few things straight Tracie Hunter:

1) You are NOTHING like Martin Luther King, Jr. or Rosa Parks;

2) It has nothing to do with the city not being ready for a black judge and;

3) It has everything to do with the city not tolerating a thief. Period.

Stories like this just burn my ass. Her crazy ass cracked out looking pictures alone should warn that she’s got a screw loose but now comparing herself to King and Rosa Parks?! This woman deserves cuffs for abusing her position but probably needs a straight jacket more.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


It’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

So aside from no school, no banks, and no mail or government offices being open there’s a much more deeper meaning to this day. An acknowledgment to a great man with a big dream. I think in many ways his dream has come to fruition but I also think that, like the bible, many interpretations of his dream are leading it astray…

Here’s one from the archives… I Have A Dream.


Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.